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     TC4ALL Movement Arts Institute
Tao Te Ching quote

Tai Chi Quan: The most practiced martial art in the world

         Exercise, Improve Balance, Improve Flexibility, Reduce Pain

MAI Program Description:

Working with the body's natural form, the MAI program improves strength, focus, and balance using Tai Chi's slow and precise movements.

In a fun and supportive atmosphere, beginners start with basic bare hand forms and advance through the curriculum . Summer sessions are for weapons including sword, spear, fan, and other special studies.

Classes include Tai Chi-based exercises,form practice, Qigong, theory, applications, Taoism, and meditation.

Who is it for?

Any one of any age who wants to learn Tai Chi in depth.

Class Format:

      - Meet and Greet Classmates
      - Warm-ups
      - Fundamental Exercises
      - Lesson
      - Forms
      - MAI Qigong Deep Breathing Set
      - Wrap Up/Mat Talk
      - Advanced Class


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